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How to Write a Social Science Essay

In most cases a social science essay will be organised around a clear problem and comprise a single basic thesis or argument. Essays should present balanced arguments in support of the thesis while drawing upon relevant data to lend it empirical support. 

The Structure of a Social Science Essay 

All essays require a clear introductory section setting forth the parameters of the topic and the way you intend to tackle it. 

This should be followed by the main body of your argument, comprising well-structured paragraphs each of which should provide a step forward in the argument and be supported by evidence. 

Your arguments should be set out in a logical and coherent manner, making it easy for the reader to follow your thought processes. The relationship between one idea and the next should be made clear by the use of transitional phrases and sentences

Finally, your conclusion will draw together all of your arguments and demonstrate how they support the original thesis set forth in your introduction. 

Requirements of a Social Science Essay 

Writing a good social science essay requires wide reading, well-honed writing skills, careful research, sound reasoning, and advanced critical thinking

Each paragraph should contribute to the central thesis, and every contestable claim should be based upon reliable evidence. 

A good essay will demonstrate not only a clear understanding of the relevant technical and theoretical terminology but also the ability to apply them appropriately. 

Theory, methodology, evidence and argumentation are the indispensable tools that all social scientists need to employ in order to make sense of what they study. A good social science essay draws upon each of these in order to arrive at conclusions that are the outcome of reasoned inquiry and empirical evidence rather than baseless speculation or partisan opinion. 

Consult an Expert 

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  • demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the question and its theoretical background;
  • marshals the most appropriate data and evidence;
  • critically evaluates the pertinent theoretical and methodological issues;
  • pre-empts objections; and
  • comprises a persuasive, rigorous thesis written to the highest standards of academic English. 

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