How to Write a Molecular Biology Essay

How to Write a Molecular Biology Essay

Molecular Biology

The study of molecular biology is concerned with life at the level of cells and molecules, their structure and function. Your essay will therefore be occupied with the structure and function of biologically significant molecules, with proteins, cell function and molecular events. In effect, your essay needs to describe the way these individual phenomena are related; explaining how molecular events lead to the hierarchical organisations of living cells, known as organisms. Accordingly, your essay will draw on insights from other, related spheres of biological science, incorporating biochemistry and genetics in particular. Because your research will rotate around molecular mechanisms, you will need to exhibit a solid understanding of its perceived most important processes, such as replication, transcription, cell function, and so forth. Hence you will likely have to address (or at least show awareness of) key molecular apparatuses, like DNA and RNA. Such concepts are complex. Moreover, due to the relative newness of molecular biology, in conjunction with incremental technological advances, fresh insights and discoveries are emerging all the time, changing our understanding of nature and biology itself. You need to be up-to-date on the latest scientific information. It is consequently essential that you undertake adequate researchand that you work to an essay plan.This will enable you to arrange your critical sources into a logical, coherent order, providing a structural framework for the overall piece.

Because molecular biology is a scientific pursuit, your essay will take an evidentiary perspective, presenting empirical research, analysing results, and discussing future avenues of enquiry. A well-constructed molecular biology essay will consequently comprise a combination of practical and theoretical elements. For the sake of clarity, you may wish to divide the various sections of your essay following the conventions of science writing: beginning with an “Abstract” (summarising the essay's content); followed by an “Introduction” (explaining the research question); moving to “Materials and Methods” (outlining your methodology and case study); “Results” (presenting your findings); closing with a “Conclusion” (that explains the implications of your findings). Such divisions will make your essay readily intelligible to markers and will lend your piece structural solidity. As we are dealing with empirics, the keystone of your essay should be the evidence. Stick strictly to the facts. Avoid unfounded assertion and speculation at all costs. Back up any opinions with critical sources. It is absolutely essential that your work is impartial and follows a rigorous commitment to the truth. The factual data you present are the substance of the work; the essay will stand or fall on the strength of the evidence and the methods to which you submitted the evidence. For this reason, it is important to select an appropriate research topic, one which yields scope for enquiry. A successful molecular biology essay will demonstrate a comprehensive hold on evidence-based biology and related theoretical ideas. You need to locate research questions that are relevant, which contribute to the topic. If you stick meticulously to the facts, corroborate assertions with critical sources, and offer reasoned arguments and insight then you will be in line for first class marks.

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