How to Write a Medicine Essay

How to Write a Medicine Essay


There are certain key ingredients that go toward a quality essay on medicine, which, if followed, will ensure top marks. Because medicine pertains to evidence-based science, we are concerned with empirical information; with testing theoretical assumptions against observable results. As long as you can convey this information in a logical fashion, supported with relevant facts, following sound scientific reasoning, you will do well. Be sure, moreover, to select an interesting, thought-provoking research question. Your tutor will probably be marking dozens of essays, most of which will be likely to cover the same, very familiar ground. Your essay will stand out straightaway if you opt for a less obvious, more complex topic. A useful tip, therefore, is to read recent medical journals. This way you will be able to identify the very latest research and findings, allowing you to distinguish your own research by relating it to the latest advances in medical science. Citing medical journals, especially current ones, will impress your tutor. In addition, reading scholarly articles will give you a good idea of how to structure your essay; the way evidence is presented and analyses undertaken. Use these exemplars to locate continuities in scientific writing; these will guide your own tonal and stylistic character.  

Medicine is a highly diverse subject, encompassing the vast science of health, the diagnosis and treatment of various biological conditions. Among other disciplines, then, medicine incorporates genetics, immunology, pharmacology, psychology, anatomy, cytology, epidemiology and many others. Just as the practice of medicine requires multiple practitioners from various fields and specialties, an essay on medicine will incorporate multidisciplinary insights. While you do not need to be an expert in every sphere upon which your essay touches, your will need to at least demonstrate understanding of the how various distinct aspects of medicine influence each other. Hence while it may be important to have practical skill in applying a suture it is also useful to understand the cellular processes at work in such a process. Your essay needs to be able simultaneously to demonstrate broad knowledge of medical science while being able to filter that knowledge down to the essential components needed for the issue at hand. Keep your critical focus tight. Be specific at all times and avoid digression. To gain the highest marks, compose at least two drafts. The best writing is invariably the result of a revisionary process. Make sure your essay employs a formal register. Do not use idiomatic expressions. Medicine is a science and has its own formal conventions which must be adhered to. Thus you need to be familiar with appropriate medical terminology and its proper use. Also, you want to steer clear of unfounded assertions; such are not the domain of a scientific essay. Your work will succeed when it is led by the evidence. Your essay needs to follow the scientific method, holding fast to analytical rigour. A first-rate medicine essay will stand out because the evidence will speak for itself. Your role as an essay writer, therefore, is to present the evidence in the most convincing way you can, while being faithful to scientific reasoning.

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