How to Write a Marketing Essay

How to Write a Marketing Essay


Marketing is geared toward finding the optimal means of communicating a specific message (about a service or product) to customers, with the aim of generating sales. As an academic discipline, Marketing examines the practical and theoretical sides of business and advertising, with a focus on formal economic and communications theory in the service of strategic business practice. Marketing students must accordingly be able to deconstruct relationships between organisational performance and market behaviour, with the objective of delineating the causal determinants informing consumer choices. Locating causality is of top priority here because therein lies the key to why a given marketing campaign succeeds. Marketing students therefore need to employ logical argument and deductive reasoning, pinpointing determinant connections between the various communication stages of a product's lifecycle. Such analyses will use empirical observation, likely citing economic data, numerical information that may be tabulated, extrapolated and used to forecast probable future outcomes. In sum, there is a quantitative and evidentiary side to marketing, related to data-centred critique, it is a science; it uses empirical market research, following formal economic methodology to identify current patterns and forecast future trends.

Marketing and Customers

In a more direct sense, Marketing is about human nature; it intends to identify, attract and maintain potential customers, those most likely to consume certain products or services. The various theories on how this works are one of the Marketing student's principal concerns. Marketing involves looking at what motivates consumers to make certain choices. A high quality Marketing essay will consequently consider this primary research concern from multiple angles, taking account of entrepreneurship, market research, business studies, retail, and the interrelation between these elements in regard to consumption patterns. Marketing, then, has a very practical and unambiguous objective: to allow firms to maximise sales opportunities on a service, brand or product. This single objective, however, allows for numerous means of attainment. In addition to quantitative formal methods, Marketing has a qualitative, philosophical, and creative side. Marketing, after all, is about understanding human desires and how best to satisfy them. As a result, Marketing draws insights from the fields of psychology, sociology, art, culture, technology, and others. The Marketing student has a large range of critical avenues to choose from, whereupon they must identify the most effective critical tools for the task at hand. Writing a successful Marketing essay largely depends on problem solving, on identifying consumer needs and arriving at solutions to meet those needs most effectively. For this reason, Marketing is particularly relevant in the contemporary technologised, globalised world, which is characterised by constant change and innovation; in which new means of communication, and thus of marketing to potential customers, are frequently being devised. Firms wishing to succeed in today's global markets must stay abreast of advances in communications technology and advertising techniques. The changing shape of consumption in the digital age, in particular, represents a rich emergent field of study, one which looks set only to gain in importance in coming years. The academic treatment of Marketing is thus on track to expand greatly, making it an optimal study choice.

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