How to Write a Marketing Essay

How to Write a Marketing Essay

Marketing professionals often have to write reports and justify conclusions, so writing academic essays could provide vital preparation for your future career. Being able to clearly and concisely express your ideas in writing could be as important as your technical marketing knowledge.

The Importance of Effective Communication 

Marketing and other senior business professionals devote a considerable amount of their time to presenting written reports, whether they concern market research, evaluation of the effectiveness of previous marketing strategies or proposals for new strategies. For this reason, companies place considerable value on effective writing skills, and your university lecturers and tutors will expect you to acquire these skills during your course.   

Keep Your Audience in Mind 

Always write with a specific audience in mind and tailor your document accordingly. A university marketing essay may for example ask you to assume that you are a marketing manager writing a report to the firm's board of directors.


The specific structure of your essay will depend upon the type of document you are writing, but all essays must have clear and concise introductory and concluding paragraphs. Your opening paragraph should summarise the issue to be addressed. Your closing paragraph should provide a short summary of the content of your essay.

It may also be appropriate to include sub-headings within your essay. The longer the piece required, the more appropriate it might be to use these. Each sub-heading should provide a pointer to the subject matter covered in the next section. Whether you decide to use sub-headings or not, you should make use of new paragraphs when you want to move on to another issue.

Where you make use of specific marketing theories, ensure that this is made clear in the text. Explain how the theory relates to the practical situation being described.


Effective writing is all about clarity, concision and accuracy. You need to think about what needs to be included and what may be omitted. Always think about ways you can express the same ideas using fewer words – you will not earn any extra marks simply for ‘padding' out a point without adding any pertinent information. Use plain English wherever possible, rather than marketing jargon, and where you feel the need to use jargon, try to clearly and concisely explain what the term means.

High quality sentence construction, spelling, and punctuation are extremely important in any academic essay.

Visual aids

Graphs, tables, diagrams, flowcharts and the like should never be included in an essay for the sake of it. So think carefully about whether using one or more of these within your essay is the best way of getting your points across.

You may for example decide to use a flowchart to illustrate a step-by-step marketing strategy, or use a table or graph to present statistical data. A graph may be a particularly useful way of demonstrating trends in the data.

If you decide to use graphs, tables, diagrams or flowcharts, add a commentary, in plain English, of what they show, and how this information is relevant.


Your concluding paragraphs should provide a succinct summary of the main points you have made in the body of the essay. A conclusion is not the place to introduce significant information for the first time – this should have been covered in the body of the text.

Final Touches

Always proof-read, revise and edit your work (or have somebody else do it for you). This should hopefully ensure all spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct.

Ensure that the document is presented in the format requested. Also check that you have followed to the letter the format of the referencing system you have been asked to use, and that all quotes, statistics etc are properly referenced.

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