How to Write a Law (Criminal, Corporate & Civil) Essay

How to Write a Law (Criminal, Corporate & Civil) Essay

The study of Law is a vastly complex discipline, the principal concerns of which are the legal frameworks mediating society at virtually every level, extending to domains as diverse as family life, business, politics, economics, human rights, civil rights and a good many more. The broad diversity of legal systems and processes at play in any given society necessarily requires a high degree of specialisation to function efficiently, with certain areas of law sharing more affinities than others and thus being complementary in application. Criminal, Corporate and Civil Law each address very specific issues and challenges. Criminal Law pertains to regulations on social conduct, specifically proscriptions on acts determined to be harmful, dangerous or otherwise deleterious, covering everything from small misdemeanours to serious crimes. Corporate Law involves issues affecting incorporated companies, including but not limited to articles of association, mergers and acquisitions, matters of finance, employment and ownership. Civil Law concerns the legal regulations around matters which are not criminal in essence, such as disputes between individuals, companies or government entities. Hence Criminal, Corporate and Civil Law are each distinct in their own right, with highly specific requirements and priorities. Nevertheless, the underlying legal principles refer back to a consistent juridical superstructure from which all auxiliary considerations devolve. In other words, what we are concerned with, here, are the systemic codes and precedents that enable law, as such, to function as a set of enforceable conventions extracted from an abstract ideal of moral, social or political order.

Criminal, Corporate and Civil Law, then, are discrete legal entities with distinct laws and punishments; the distinction is particularly apparent when one considers intent. Criminal Law is focused on punishment, enforcing non-custodial retributive justice (a community sentence for example) or incarcerating wrongdoers; Corporate Law seeks to ensure safe practice and stability in business via various protections and restrictions for associated parties; while Civil Law pursues redress, through restitution or compensation and thus seeks to benefit the injured party in some way. These three separate areas of legal studies share certain logical affinities that render them complementary in a study programme. Corporate Law can be subject to both Civil and Criminal Law seeing as companies are necessarily subject to civil legislation and are made up of individuals (who are subject to criminal law). As a consequence, the study of Criminal, Corporate and Civil Law requires thorough understanding of each – independently and as they relate to one another; as well as a deep understanding of the broader academic issues to do with legal studies. Law is a highly demanding and, indeed, competitive discipline; consequently, scholarly success in the subject requires serious commitment and hard work. The successful legal scholar will need to command extensive knowledge in their specific domain, as well as being well versed in related legal areas. Moreover, being able to research effectively is a vital requirement in legal practice, building a comprehensive awareness of case law, consolidating one's knowledge of legal tradition; in sum, cultivating a subtle legal mind.

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