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Hospitality Management is concerned with the study of the hospitality industry overall. As such, the subject has implications in the broad domains of business and management in addition to industry specific concerns such as relate to operations, logistics, communications and so forth.

The hospitality industry represents a highly diverse and vibrant sector offering a huge variety of career paths, depending on one's particular interests. At all events, scholarly work in the field requires the student to combine academic theory with practical experience, bringing together insights from both in order to become a fully rounded hospitality professional. Because “hospitality” encompasses a great range of ideas and practices – from general principles of best practice for treating customers, to the economic forces that drive or hinder the entire industry – one needs to cultivate a discriminating scholarly eye, an ability to locate essential details from a sea of information. After all, in addressing the hospitality industry we are covering concepts as wide ranging as restaurants to theme parks, campsites to cruise ships; items which necessarily require different sets of skills and experience of the hospitality professional. Moreover, each individual sector or organisation will be subject to distinct systemic influences, will form part of its own chain of cause and effect, to be analysed on its own merits.

The discerning Hospitality Management student should be able critically to deconstruct the determinants at play in specific sectors and organisations, explaining their relationships in theoretical and practical terms. Understanding the connection between theory and practice in this way will allow the student to diagnose specific issues in the industry, and thus to identify potential remedies, helping to vitalise and grow the sector. Consequently one needs to be versed in logical reasoning, be able to construct a solid argument that backs your case, proving you have the best solutions to the challenges in question.

Hospitality Management, then, entails navigating a plurality of concepts and practices, differentiating the needs of individual sectors by bringing relevant evidence to bear, drawing from the huge variety of real-world examples available. Accordingly, Hospitality Management involves extensive use of case studies and site visits, of practical examples; and employs the most recent data collection methods to ensure up-to-date findings, including digital simulations, econometrics, and other theoretical approaches.

The many colourful dimensions of Hospitality, its varied forms, make the subject highly creative, allowing for much innovation. Indeed, innovation is the lifeblood of any industry, and tends to be built on prior experience and knowledge. Keeping ahead of the curve is consequently very important. Hospitality Management students thus do well to keep abreast of recent studies in the field, reading current journal articles and trade press. Those who use the latest findings in their scholarly work are the most likely to advance new ideas; and they will be on course for high grades. Likewise, those industry professionals who marshal the latest knowledge to their practice are better placed to outstrip the competition. Academic success in Hospitality Management, then, sets one up nicely for professional success thereafter.

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