How to Write a Genetics Essay

How to Write a Genetics Essay

Genetics is a division of biology that deals with genes and heredity. Genes are the molecular instructions that inform the development of living organisms; the building blocks of life possessed by all living entities. Hence genetics is concerned with inherited physical and behavioural traits. In consequence, the field encompasses the examination of gene structure, function, behaviour, and variation. Genetics can be a theoretical and an applied science. Because genetics is variously applicable to the entire biosphere, its implications are broad reaching and touch upon many aspects of biological science. Thus genetics may be subdivided into distinct fields such as Genomics, Population Genetics, Model Organisms, Molecular Biology, Pharmacogenetics, and Proteomics among others. A successful Genetics essay will be a comprehensive scientific investigation. It will rigorously follow the scientific method, brining relevant, up-to-date research and data to bear in order to mount a persuasive and objective case.

Structure and Format  

Above all, Genetics is science. Scientific essays follow a specific format. Although this permits of some variation, the format can broadly be described like this. The paper opens with an “Abstract”. The abstract tersely describes the essay's research question, methods, results, and conclusion. Next, there is the “Introduction”, which expands upon the research question, explaining its relevance and value. The “Introduction” might also outline research methods. This is an important opportunity to clarify said methods for readers who may not be familiar with them. This section is succeeded by “Materials and Methods”. Here, we describe the research methodology in more detail, establishing why these were the right methods and approaches to adopt. This will be followed by your “Results”, wherein you detail the findings of the study. Finally, there is the “Conclusion”: which takes the form a discussion about the results and what they suggest. At this stage you might suggest areas for further study, based on your own findings.

Tone and Style

Scientific papers follow certain stylistic and tonal conventions. Such standardisation allows for ease of interpretation by other scientists and should thus be adhered to. Your essay should fit with the style of other essays in the field. Stick to the present tense except when talking about the experiment results (which necessarily occurred in the past). First person prose (“I found that”) may be appropriate in some instances but should be used sparingly. Instead, third person (“This essay found that”) is generally preferred. Be sure to use correct Genetics terminology. Define abbreviations and acronyms on first usage and shorten thereafter. (Lists of standard abbreviations can be found in any decent Genetics reader.) Your essay should be formal, technical, and precise but allow for omissions in the reader's knowledge of particulars. The general rule is to write as if for a reader who is familiar with the subject matter but not your specific experiment or interests. Hence technical language is appropriate; but do not assume the reader understands your specific investigation. Wherever your essay treats of very complex or specific phenomena, added detail may be furnished. Reading other scholarly science texts will help you gauge the correct register and will improve your knowledge of the subject matter. This will better equip you to compose a high quality essay. Ensure that your investigation is supported with relevant facts, figures, and citations. Biological studies are an evidential discipline; they require that you adduce supporting materials. Vast fields of study such as Genetics are supported by a plenitude of scholarly literature. Thus it is highly likely that other scientists have already conducted research which touches upon and informs your own work. Alluding to relevant precursor research is an important asset in composing a Genetics essay.

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