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Writing an Essay in General Management

General Management deals with a broad range of topics relevant to business, such as leadership techniques, managerial strategy, marketing, human resources, finance, economics, and more.

The overall objective is to equip students with the skills and experience to tackle a variety of business-related challenges; situating them ideally to occupy a leadership position within a firm or to run their own business. This is done via a focus on the overall structures and systems of leadership and management within organisations, exploring the theories and practices that underlie market success.

General Management accordingly encompasses many different issues to do with business. Students who score top marks in the subject will consequently have a broad interdisciplinary knowledge of relevant fields, being versed in consumer behaviour, business research methods, industrial relations, market analysis, corporate law, and other germane factors. More specifically, these overriding concerns will be examined in relation to cultivating the values and ethos that determine effective leadership qualities; looking at the environmental and biological phenomena that inform the external and internal conditions of successful businesses. In a certain sense, therefore, General Management may be understood as the science of success in business.

In order to score top marks in General Management, then, one needs to be able to move between multidisciplinary concerns and synthesise relevant insights in pragmatic ways, translating theory to practice. This means being up to date with the very latest scholarly research and industry advances by reading academic journal articles and trade press; it also means having a solid practical knowledge, real world experience of how businesses run on a day-to-day basis.

All of the above are essential to managerial success because such is, to a large degree, a matter of strategic concern – of pinpointing advantageous key points in a logical line of progression. Successful managerial strategy needs necessarily to account for evolutions in global economics, shifting market forces, and likely future trends. One needs to be able to take the measure of the existing business climate and respond accordingly. In addition, one needs to be able to motivate one's work force, to inspire and enthuse employees, thereby optimising the workplace dynamic. Thus General Management is as much about person-to-person relations as it is about big-picture theories, with neither part taking precedence.

In order to excel at General Management, students need to be versed in core critical concepts of business studies as well commanding excellent interpersonal skills. The key to first-rate managerial competencies will lie in marrying these two domains in efficient ways; in being able to bring together the macrocosm and microcosm of business theory and business practice. Students will accordingly need to be excellent communicators, both verbally and in writing.

The highest achievers in General Management, it therefore follows, will be very logical, reasoned and strategic thinkers; they will be able to navigate complex information in diverse fields, alighting upon what is apposite. Hence the study of General Management is geared toward elucidating the interrelation of managerial concerns that obtain across the board within specific organisations; enabling practitioners to link such issues with the broader dynamics of the business world.

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