How to Write a  Fundamentals of Marketing Essay

How to Write a  Fundamentals of Marketing Essay

The Fundamentals of Marketing entails all those core tenets upon which the broader science of marketing is founded, hence serving as a solid primer for any specialisation within the field. As such, the subject is concerned with core knowledge, the underlying theoretical principles (of psychology, sociology, culture, ethics, philosophy, and so forth) which inform consumer behaviour – guided always by the objective of eliciting some form of behaviour change. Because human behaviour is extraordinarily complex so, too, are the motives that drive it and the means of cultivating such motives. The Fundamentals of Marketing consequently takes a wide view of such critical concerns, examining the (cognitive, economic, and quantitative) systems and processes that enable marketing to function, using such theoretical insights to inform praxis, the practical realisation of abstract principles. Hence, here, we are concerned with the industrial and economic contexts in which consumerism takes place; and the pragmatics of customer relations and communications. In addition, the wider societal implications of marketing are taken into account, moving beyond the purview of managerial practice and touching upon far-reaching political, cultural, ethical and technological factors at play: in sum, looking at marketing as a highly diverse concept, integrated at several levels in the social order. All of the above is approached in relation to heterogeneous operational needs of marketing. The Fundamentals of Marketing takes account, then, of the precise mechanics of marketing – on the ground level – as well as the conceptual frameworks by which it is understood as a science. This means that, in seeking top marks in the subject, as well as understanding critical theory, one needs a firm understanding of traditional sales practice; of communicating a product's value to the target demographic and, indeed, of identifying and targeting said customer base. Put another way, with the Fundamentals of Marketing, one is effectively exploring the various elements of problem-solving relevant to the many distinct real-world market scenarios in which consumerism take place.

The Fundamentals of Marketing has equally important theoretical and practical dimensions, both needing address. In order to bridge theory and practice, it is vital to utilise critical reasoning, the ability to examine ideas and practices through an analytical lens. This involves evaluating relevant phenomena, by dissecting the information presented and synthesising it with other information treating of the same issues. By comparing different approaches to the same topic, one will be able to locate and expand upon certain continuities or discrepancies in the evidence, thereby arriving at a deeper understanding of the item in dispute. A large part of this process will involve bringing germane secondary sources to bear so to advance an evidence-led, logical argument. The successful student will therefore be versed in empirical and quantitative research methods, employing inferential and qualitative data in a methodical and standardised manner. Finally, necessarily, one should be an excellent communicator. Marketing is after all a means of conveying a message; scholarly work in the discipline should thus be lucidly expressed, should deliver its message in the most effective way possible; in short, it should be well marketed.

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