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How To Write The Best Construction Management Essays

Construction Management is a comprehensive sphere of study that incorporates the commercial and economic as well as technical and informational dimensions of project management in construction. Accordingly, the study of Construction Management is concerned with the business requirements, in addition to the various technologies, involved in building projects. This entails aspects of architecture, design, building information modelling (BIM), construction technology, logistics,  law, environment, mathematics, systems analysis, and quality control – to name only a few.

Construction Management is a highly diverse discipline that allows for many branches of specialisation. This means you can tailor your degree and your essays to fit your specific needs and interests. As a result, the first thing to establish in writing a Construction Management essay is what your interests are. Locate the precise area of the construction industry that you intend to focus on. This will allow you to identify what is relevant to your essay and what is not. This will also help ensure a coherent logic to your essay, which is especially important in this instance.

As a specifically managerial pursuit, Construction Management necessarily requires high levels of organisation, problem solving, and coordination. Thus planning is paramount. For this reason, you need to make sure you demonstrate these skills in your essay composition.

Constructing the Essay

The overall intention of a Construction Management essay, then, is to convince the reader that you have the skills and knowledge professionally to manage a building project. You need competently to address and analyse construction scenarios, proving to the reader that you possess the relevant skill set to do the same in a real-life situation. After all, if you cannot convince a reader of your capability, on paper, it is unlikely that a client will trust you to manage their project, in practice.

There is no one set formula for a first-rate Construction Management essay. Everybody has their own distinct style and method of composition. However, there are particular universals which should be conformed with. Your work should begin with an introductory paragraph. This will explain the intention of the essay. For example: “This essay will examine the advantages of collaborative Information and Communication Technologies in building projects. . .” Your introduction then summaries what the rest of the essay will expand upon, outlining the specific approaches and examples you intend to put forward. Because you may not know from the outset what your essay's findings will be, it is always a good idea to write the introduction last.

Achieving an Academic Tone

The body of the essay will be the heart of the work. Here, you will cite all the relevant information and data necessary to support your case. This is where you demonstrate your organisational skills. You will want to arrange your material in a logical and directed fashion. Try to make each paragraph a contained unit of argument or analysis: the function of a paragraph is to introduce a point then scrutinise it with reference to evidence. Make sure each paragraph follows a logical progression toward a final point. When writing, always aim for simplicity. First class scholarly writing does not require convoluted sentences or elaborate vocabulary. In fact, the best essays tend to convey complex ideas in plain English.

Your essay should finish with a conclusion. The conclusion will summarise the findings presented in the argument body, explaining their implications. Based on these implications, you may wish to suggest further avenues of inquiry that expand upon your findings.

Finally, re-read your essay. Remove any errors and refine your argument. If necessary, re-write part or even all of the essay. Good writing is re-writing. Also, be sure to proofread, checking for mistakes. Follow these steps and you will finish with a high quality piece of work.

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