How to Write a Business Essay -

How to Write a Business Essay

Business Essays and Business Reports 

Knowing how to write a business essay is not always easy. Perhaps the first thing to understand is how an academic essay differs from a business report

Whereas a report is often written by more than one person and typically contains different sections dealing with relatively isolated issues, an essay is written by an individual and typically comprises a linear argument in response to a particular question. Thus, while one can read sections of a report in order to extract just the information one needs, this is not the case with an essay. Rather, an essay is made up of an extended argument based on sound reasoning and appropriate use of evidence, and must be understood as whole. 

The Characteristics of a Good Business Essay 

Writing a successful business essay involves: 

  • detailed planning
  • comprehensive reading
  • critical thinking
  • logical structuring
  • clear and concise writing
  • proper formatting
  • careful editing. 

Business Essay Structure

A typical business essay will consist of a title page, an introduction, a main body, a conclusion, and a list of references

A good business essay is one that: 

  • demonstrates a clear understanding of the question;
  • evinces advanced critical and analytical skills;
  • presents a reasoned and tightly structured argument;
  • employs appropriate theoretical and methodological tools;
  • draws upon pertinent real life examples and case studies; and
  • is germane to the question throughout rather than drifting off onto irrelevant topics. 

A good business essay should be based on wide and critical reading, use appropriate evidence effectively in support of its claims, and utilise clear and precise academic terminology while steering clear of jargon. 

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