How to Write a Business Communications Essay

How to Write a Business Communications Essay

Business Communication

In broad terms, Business Communication relates to the notion of conveying an idea or information from one person or group of people to another, within the specific purview of market relations. Clarity of communication is important in all aspects of life but arguably has particular significance within the business world, which often depends upon coordinated efforts between large groups of people in distinct fields of specialisation.

Those following a career in Business Communications will study the ways in which lines of communication are structured within an organisation and how these influence and are influenced by the interrelation of market forces. The principal objective of the discipline is to identify and cultivate best practice, such as to maximise communicatory efficiency in business contexts.

Effective communication is important for a firm's internal transit of information as well as its external points of contact (the public, the press, government and so forth). In such regards, Business Communications has wide scale application, in managerial strategy, corporate communications, leadership theories, crisis management, graphic communication, public relations, and business journalism to name only a few examples.

Obviously, core communication skills are a must, here, if one seeks to score high grades. One needs to be an incisive and critical thinker, with a skill for clear and cogent expression. The latter is especially important in respect to integrating theory and practice, for which, in many instances, the Business Communications professional (or student) will need to “translate” potentially complex ideas in a clear and meaningful way for laypersons. For this reason, one will need to be creative in their approach, employing innovative means of transmitting information. Such information could be obtained in various ways, as between individuals, groups, organisations or even places; and could take many forms, such as verbal, written, gestural and so on. Whatever the case, it is the duty of Business Communications to identify the best possible ways of getting the message across.

A whole host of heterogeneous communications issues present themselves within the business world. A good Business Communications student will be able to approach these diverse concerns in a critical and creative way; will employ lateral thinking to alight upon innovative solutions.

This essentially boils down to problem solving according to the specific demands of enterprise within a free-market economy: its socio-political structures, juridico-ethical frameworks, operational and logistical needs, as well as psychological and emotional issues.

Businesses that succeed tend largely to have efficient communications structures. This is because good communications ensure a coherent operational strategy, where everyone is “on the same page”, thereby affording operational efficiency. This is why the firms that are market leaders are almost always highly innovative and progressive as opposed to conservative and reactionary – think Apple, Google, Facebook, and so on; no one could say these firms play by the “traditional” rules.

Increasingly, innovation entails multi-channel communications, whereby information moves up and down (hierarchical) lines – allowing for empowerment and worker agency at all levels of the workforce. Fresh insights are regularly established and the world of communications theory will undoubtedly continue to grow, making Business Communications an increasingly exciting field to pursue. 

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