How to Write a Botany Essay

How to Write a Botany Essay

Botany is a division of the biological sciences, focusing on the vast number of living organisms which may be classified as plant life, a rich diversity of some four-hundred thousand species including everything from algae and mosses, through fungi and bacteria, to flowering plants. The remarkable plenitude and heterogeneity of plant life on Earth makes botanical study a domain of infinite possibility, allowing for a huge range of specialisations and approaches. The Botany student takes a scientific lens to the multifaceted systems and processes that constitute the lifecycle, growth, structure, reproduction and other essential phenomena at play within the plant kingdom. As one might expect, this broad range of biological elements lends itself to multi-angular perspectives, meaning that scholarly engagement with Botany takes many vantages: from the wide-angle view of studying global-scale systems that drive the entire plant ecosphere, right the way down to microscopic intricacies of a single leaf – with no one part taking critical precedence over the other. All aspects of botany command equal importance for our overall scientific knowledge of plant science, a pursuit of the highest significance: seeing as virtually all life on our planet depends upon plants for its survival. Thus the Botany student is engaged with an extremely important and highly varied scientific endeavour.

With the ultimate objective of understanding how and why plant life functions – a question of no small complexity – Botanical studies allow for numerous different methodologies; indeed, the subject is highly multidisciplinary, taking insights from many related scientific fields. Attaining top marks in Botany, it therefore follows, will require the student to touch upon discrete but related fields of enquiry; to negotiate insights from different disciplines and establish continuities and digressions therewith. A Botany student is first and foremost a scientist and thus must hold rigorously to the principles of the scientific method, of impartiality and objectivity, of following the evidence without deviation; this methodological integrity is prerequisite and will serve as the foundation of first rate work. However, solid methodology alone will not guarantee high marks. One needs to offer something original, an insightful treatment of a familiar subject, for example. Given the manifold biological dimensions of Botany, locating an original research topic should not be overly difficult. A good place to source research ideas is in current journal articles, which not only offer the very latest botanical findings, but also generally offer suggestions for further investigation based upon their own conclusions. In addition to this, technological advances are continually yielding exciting new means of enquiry, allowing the Botany student to probe deeper into the fundaments of plant life, the cellular and molecular levels; extending even to the quanta at work in sustaining a plant's atomic structure, the domain of Quantum Botany. The key to success in Botany is to establish a precise research specialty. The discipline is so vast that it readily affords highly original research topics: find one, be the world's expert in that specific topic. Most importantly, choose something you like, that will sustain your interest and enthusiasm; if you are passionate about a subject, it will shine through in your work.

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