How to Write a Biomolecular Science Essay

How to Write a Biomolecular Science Essay

Biomolecular Science looks at molecular function within biological systems, bringing molecular biology together with biochemistry to form a hybrid endeavour which touches upon the biological sciences, medical sciences, chemistry, physics, and geosciences; with application in genetics and genomics, proteomics and other systemic and structural facets of biology. Hence Biomolecular Science exists within the interlinking point between chemistry and biology, serving to explain both the molecular and cellular dimensions as well as their causal interrelations.

Biomolecular Science Essay Writing

First rate Biomolecular Science work requires a sturdy command of chemistry and biology and an ability to make meaningful connections between the two. The successful student of Biomolecular Science will accordingly follow a research-oriented approach that encompasses both laboratory and computational work; furthermore, they will be well versed in the core knowledge of underlying chemical principles within biology. The objective is to apply this core knowledge in line with the guiding conventions of the scientific method. In effect, this means top marks will require that students conform to established precepts of scientific investigation. That is, postulating hypotheses (establishing a series of possibilities) and testing them by experimentation: the point of which being to root out false hypotheses. Systematically identifying false hypotheses in this manner equates to a process of elimination whereby, having rejected possibilities now known to be false, one accordingly arrives at a last remaining possibility, which resultantly is more likely, though not assured, to be true – in sum, finding the most plausible hypothesis. This latter is top priority within Biomolecular research, which is a self-correcting discipline.

Encompassing the manifold intersections of chemistry and biology, Biomolecular Science has many distinct applications. This allows for a good deal of theoretical and practical versatility; in simple terms, the student is free to tailor their studies after their own interests. Moreover, as a relatively new branch of science – one that pertains increasingly to advanced technological approaches – original research topics are forthcoming. As an example, Biomolecular Science is foundational to the development of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, drug delivery systems, and other vital components of biomedicine. In consequence, there is much scope within the field for interdisciplinary study. Furthermore, Biomolecular Science is at the cutting edge of our understanding of and interaction with the world around us; indeed, is helping us to direct the future shape of biological processes. Biotechnology, for example, is instrumental in the engineering of new kinds of molecular produce, proteins and complexes, thereby outstepping the eon-spanning time restrictions of natural evolution in arriving at complex new molecular arrangements. This is a fascinating line of study, in which new discoveries are regularly made. Thus the ambitious Biomolecular Science student needs to keep abreast of the latest discoveries; this will certainly involve regularly reading peer-reviewed journals and science journalism, attending conferences and other symposia. The onus in Biomolecular Science is on the data, on making logical judgements based on verifiable information. Achieving top marks will accordingly require students strictly to follow the evidence, ensuring all findings are accurate and methods repeatable: thereby allowing other studies to take off where yours concludes.

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