The study of Finance broadly compasses the practical and theoretical concerns related to finance and investment, geared toward facilitating best business practice; the subject is therefore focused on the preparation, implementations and limitations of accounting information. As a result, the topic places equal emphasis on the broad overarching economic determinants which govern financial markets, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, as it does on the intricacies of individual case studies and portfolio management. In sum, Finance demands an ability to accommodate the everyday pragmatics of finance and investment, in sync with the theoretical bigger picture of global economics. Finance is thus much to do with praxis, with the practical implementation of theoretical principles. As an example, a successful Finance student should be able to bring macroeconomic theory to bear in explaining empirical economic data exhibited by global money markets, perhaps applying the principles of econometric modelling to elucidate same via quantitative numerical evidence; that is, drawing together the relevant theoretical strands in order to account for given financial phenomena. A first-class Finance student will consequently have a good head for figures in addition to an aptitude for logical reasoning; will be able to organise and order multifarious data sets in meaningful ways that service clients' investment requirements. This will entail a solid understanding of the development of and interplay between financial markets, banking, regulation and financial exchanges, the historical and interdependent evolution of such institutions – and, therefore, an insight into likely future developments in the field.

Finance is a highly specialised field which obtains to specific technical knowledge, such as concerns, for example, tax law, the role of dividends, derivatives, corporate finance policy, hedging, risk management, and other central elements of the finance industry. Students will also be conversant with the theoretical underpinnings of key concepts, commanding a solid understanding of the abstract principles at play in financial derivatives inasmuch as they affect commodities, currencies, bonds, stocks and other types of asset classes. In essence, the Finance student needs to have comprehensive knowledge of the foundational theoretical principles of the subject, and be able to apply these conceptual ideas to real-world situations. An effective and meaningful synthesis of theoretical and practical insights, then, is imperative for students wishing to excel. In order to achieve top marks, a Finance essay must consequently gear its analyses to proving determinant relationships between the observable empirical data and the relevant theoretical concepts. The world of finance is characterised by large sums of money at play in oft precarious and unpredictable global money markets. This means that the most coveted jobs in Finance are reserved for only the most able graduates. The Finance student's arguments must therefore be tightly focused, evidentially-led and methodologically rigorous if they are to be persuasive. This will require engaging in wide secondary research in order to gain a broad understanding of relevant concerns in the financial world, keeping abreast of the latest legislative and regulatory developments. Those who succeed in business are almost invariably those who are ahead of the curve.

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