Content Development

Content Development

The study of Content Development (sometimes termed Web Development) pertains to the broad variety of skills and knowledge required in the planning, creation, development and maintenance of web sites. As such, Content Development is a multidisciplinary field which encompasses the precision technical demands of information technology in addition to the creative requirements of graphic design, copy writing and other content-specific undertakings. Hence a Content Developer is both a technician and a “creative”; fusing computing skills, with design capability. Students of Content Development will accordingly engage with multiple fields of enquiry within the overall remit of creating and running a website, from the initial to the final stages as well as caretaking thereafter. This means Content Developers work from the initial conceptual stages of web design, researching and organising the appropriate data for the client's objectives and preparing this content for implementation. In practice, this requires navigating between various programming languages, writing the necessary code for the technical specifications of the website in question. Further, as a specialist in a technical field, a Content Developer serves, in one part, as an educator, explaining and, indeed, “translating” for laypersons the various technical complexities at work, helping to guide clients through a domain in which they may not be conversant. This means that Content Developers may be required to recommend and implement appropriate hardware and software for website optimisation: simultaneously explaining to clients the precise reasoning for relevant decisions in this process.

As the global economy becomes increasingly structured around digital technologies, the role of the internet takes an incrementally central position in market relations and thus is influencing the direction of industry. As a result, high quality web design and content is increasingly prerequisite for successful business. Indeed, virtually all industries possess some degree of online provision. This has made community content authoring salient and a given in the online world, affording a superfluity of content with few real quality checks. Those organisations that succeed in the future, it follows, will be those which distinguish themselves from the digital plethora, with highly quality design, professional architecting, and first-rate, user friendly and consumable content: and this is precisely where the Content Developer comes in.

In order to achieve top marks in Content Development, then, students need to exhibit comprehensive understanding of the technical demands of designing and developing online content. This includes proficiency in web architecting, programming, coding, graphic design, aesthetics, marketing, copy writing, and more. The first-rate student will be able to marshal these distinct competencies in a coherent manner so as to produce a consumer-focused, user friendly product that is technically and creatively distinct while meeting clients' demands. Furthermore, one will need to be in constant concert with industry developments, reading trade press and journal articles, so as to be conversant with latest developments and upcoming advances. The world of digital technology evolves at such a rapid pace that this latter requirement is a must. A first rate essay in the discipline will likewise necessitate a keen engagement with those current debates which are at the forefront of the field, and driving the industry.

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