How to Revise for an Exam

How to Revise for an Exam

Preparing for university examinations can often be the most stressful period in a student's life. The best way to alleviate potential anxiety is to stay on top of your work and start revising as soon as possible. 

Time for Consolidation 

Last minute cramming may have worked for you at school or college but few students can pull this off effectively at university level. Even if you are able to retain what you have read, you will not have sufficient time to consolidate your understanding.  

If you have really spent time reading and thinking your way round the subject, on the other hand, no special feats of memory will be required in order to write about intelligently on the day of the exam. The more you understand something, and the more you actively think it through, the more easily will you be able to recall it.

Organising Your Work Space 

It's worth spending some time organising your workspace and materials and clearing away any potential distractions – including your mobile phone and laptop. 

Find What Works Best For You 

It's also important to find a place conducive to study. Some students find they can concentrate best in a library, others at home; some prefer to work in silence, others with some background music; some in groups, others on their own. Whatever works best for you, the crucial thing is that you are comfortable, free of distractions, and able to focus.  

Plan Your Time 

The best way to ensure successful revision is to plan your time effectively. Write down all the exam dates well in advance and plan how you will structure your days. Not all exams will require the same amount of study, so allocate more time for the subjects you find most difficult or that are no longer fresh in your mind. Be realistic about how much you can do each day, and be sure to take regular breaks. 

Start With New Materials 

Revising old notes and essays can be a dull experience, so it's sometimes better to start with materials you've not read before. This can help to re-stimulate your thinking on a subject and keep things fresh and alive in your mind. 

Active Study 

The important thing is to study actively rather than passively, thinking things through rather than simply trying to memorise abstract pieces of information. This will not only help you to understand and retain the material, but also keep you intellectually engaged so that you are less likely to lose concentration or start procrastinating.  

Consult an Expert 

If you want to receive the best advice on how to revise for an exam, there is no better way than to consult an academic expert in your subject. The academic writers who work for us are able to provide expert examination assistance ranging from individually tailored revision notes and model answers to exam questions to summarising articles, analysing case studies, and providing expert critical feedback on your practice essays and drafts. 

Our exam preparation service delivers unique, custom-made course materials of the highest quality to facilitate your study, ease the learning process, and help you make the very best use of your revision time. 

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