How quickly can you write a dissertation

How Quickly Can You Write A Dissertation?

If push came to shove, how fast could you write an entire dissertation? Imagine a scenario where something unforeseen has happened and now you only have one month or even one week to finish it. Could you do it? And if you could, would it be a first class dissertation?

How fast can you type?

The average person types between 190 and 200 characters per minute. At that speed, you can type between 38 and 40 words per minute with 92% accuracy. Professional typists can type between 65 and 75 words per minute.

Since students spend a lot of time typing, let us assume the average student can type 50 words a minute. So, typing the requisite 10,000 words would take just 3.3 hours.

But that's just typing words you already know. Writing a dissertation takes much more than typing. It involves planning, research and more than one draft.

So while yes, you could write 10,000 words in less than half a day, you would not have written a dissertation

The fastest dissertation ever written was completed in 16 hours. Over one night, Catherine Lux a graduate at Brunel University successfully completed her dissertation, Web 2.0 and the Effects it has had on Relationships, and achieved a 2:1.

How long does it take to write a dissertation?

Most students in their final year have the best part of six months to complete their dissertation from conception to delivery. In this time, they must come up with an idea, have it accepted by the tutor or examining body, do the research, draft it, rewrite it, bind it and present it.

Typically a dissertation is between 10 and 15 thousand words long, depending on your subject. Most undergraduates take 3 months to write it, after their initial idea is accepted.

How long does it take to research your dissertation?

The time it takes to research your dissertation depends on what you're studying. The important thing when conducting your research is to carefully structure your time.

Keep your research goals realistic and manageable. You don't have time to read every book on your chosen subject. Be selective and prioritise the best sources first. Allow yourself enough time to get what you need to do done, but enough time to analyse your data and do the write up.

Can you write a dissertation in a month?

If you only have a month to write a dissertation, you need to cut some corners. With just 30 days to complete a dissertation, you should prioritise constructing a strong thesis and presenting a sound argument and conclusion. This will give your examiner something to work with.

With this is mind, cut your research time back and focus on writing the dissertation itself. Identify a few key sources and references in order to keep a narrow focus.

If you only have a month to write a dissertation, it is unlikely that your tutor or supervisor will have the time/inclination to help make sure your analysis is top notch. If you need extra help in this regard, our dissertation writing service is here to help.

Above all, remember that a bad dissertation can get a grade. No dissertation at all will get a fail. So make sure you've put 10,000 words down and covered every section of your dissertation.

Can you write a dissertation in a week?

This is going to be tough but you can do it! Again, the important thing to do is to plan your time carefully and be prepared to cut some corners.

If you only have a week to write your dissertation, this means cutting out sleep and your social life. You have to put in the hours. That being said, it's important not to burn out.

Take time to eat, sleep and pace yourself so that when you get to day three you aren't out of steam. A week might seem like no time at all, but to your body, a week is a long time.

You could stock up on RedBull and hit the library all day and all night until deadline day. Or you could get some support on your dissertation literature reviewanalysis or conclusion.

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