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Group Work and Presentations

Group work and Presentations can be something of a nerve-inducing experience, depending as they do on a far greater number of variables than traditional forms of assessed academic work such as essays, reviews, reports and other individually-authored efforts. Now, collaboration comes into play – with other people, technology or both; this, on top of rhetorical ability, verbal delivery, choreography, technical aids, images, videos, sounds, and more. As with any academic endeavour, a successful outcome, here, will depend upon proper preparation. In group scenarios, one would certainly want to meet with other team members a number of times in advance of the project deadline. This is so to ensure cohesion, getting everyone on the same page in the preliminary research stages. With resources properly managed, you will be able to progress efficiently. In one respect, then, the key to efficient group work is the sensible allocation of time and delegation of tasks, spreading resources in the most advantageous manner. After all, group work will necessarily equate to some fashion of collaborative research project; and this means employing effective research techniques, as a collective. The more ordered this communal effort is, the better the results that will come. Hence it might benefit the group to brainstorm, make notes, draft a project overview, compose a treatment, or some other mode of loose framework to follow. Circumspect group work would see each member playing to their strengths, thereby bettering the common lot and making a successful end-product more likely. Basically one wants to take the principles of effective research and submit them to a degree of managerial logic, figuring out the best means to the desired end. Indeed, one could benefit from researching optimal research methods.

When it comes to Presentations, there is an audio-visual, performative element to consider. As a presenter, one is not merely a vector for data transmission, one is a performer, at least a kind of one. This is not to counsel dramatic training; rather it is only to advise that effective Presentations will require more than accurate information and incisive analyses. You need to establish these items for the audience and in a compelling manner. This might include the judicious use of pictures, videos or other media. Almost certainly, some sort of verbal element will complement the Presentation. In consequence, it will benefit the presenter to review oratorical staples, rules of rhetoric and disputation. One will need to practice delivery, finessing the use of tone, style, register, rhythm and pace for their communicative nuances: calculating how best compellingly to get put your case to the room. Moreover, if the Presentation requires an interactive element, in which the floor is open to questions from the audience, the speaker will find advantage in reviewing the rules of argumentation, how to make a convincing point. Thus, in some respects, Presentations involve persuasive discourse, using words (and, in this case, gesture) to deliver information more effectively. Of course, the most vital element of any Presentation is the content. With so many other variables to contend with, you want to be confident that what you are going to deliver is of the highest standards.

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