Aircraft Maintenance Proposal

Aircraft Maintenance Proposal


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Aircraft Maintenance Proposal

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Aircraft Maintenance Proposal: To Write a Proposal stating the aims and objectives of my Dissertation

Aircraft maintenance involves inspection, repair of the aircraft, overhaul and replacement of worn out or malfunctioning parts of the aircraft. The aim of this project is to design guidelines for students on maintaining aircrafts, as the process of craft maintenance involves various steps that need to be followed for effective functioning of the aircraft. These steps include:

  • Inspection of the Aircraft - this stage is the most crucial stage in aircraft maintenance as it helps in identifying defects that need to be corrected. Depending on the operations of the aircraft, there are different time intervals for inspection, and therefore, all inspections should be done in line with the manufacturer's manual.
  • Maintenance based on Prevention - these are minor repairs aimed at preventing devastating wearing out.
  • Repairs and Replacements - done after full inspection and involves major repairs of worn out and replacement of malfunctioning devices.
  • Overhaul - this is the complete reconditioning of the aircraft and affects a greater percentage of the aircraft.

The project aims at creating understanding of the importance of aircraft maintenance and developing a guideline for students and teachers on how the steps described above could be achieved. This would ensure safety during flights and the long operational life of the aircraft. The project will give guidelines on the expectations from a well-trained student, based on the key considerations highlighted above. These guidelines will be based on:

  • Students' understanding of the maintenance process
  • Students' capability in detecting defects
  • Students ability to use different equipment and devices in aircraft maintenance
  • Repair and replacement procedures to keep the aircraft in good condition

The second area of the project is aimed at the possibilities of setting up a short haul flight operation for holiday and business operations between France, Italy and Spain. The project will investigate various light aircrafts such as Cessna, Piper, or the Beechcraft and assess the costs of operations. For instance, the Cessna may be cheap but it carries fewer passengers compared to the Beechcraft. However, the costs of operation when using the Beechcraft could be higher compared to using a Cessna. This investigation will help find the most suitable aircraft and the best location to rent an affordable hangar for these operations. To make the ideas more practical, this project will carry out feasibility studies on the short haul operations for holiday and business purposes and present the cost-effectiveness of the intended business venture. 

Location of the hangar would play a big role in determining the effectiveness of operations. For instance, the hangar would be used for repairs, maintenance, storage and protection of the aircraft. The location should be strategic to provide easy access to spares and other tools of operation to avoid transportation costs. Considerations for the hangar would also involve the size of the chosen aircraft since different aircrafts would need hangars of different sizes. Hence, the three main ideas of the project would be:

  • To present facts on the size of light crafts to be used
  • Obtain the strategic location of an affordable hangar that suits the size of the aircraft
  • Assess the costs of operations involved in setting up the business.


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